Fred Simões

Fred Simões

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First Name * Fred
Last Name * Simões
Username * fredsimoes
Country * Brazil
City Salvador
Nationality Brasileiro
Languages EnglishPortuguese





Fred Simões
by Fred

he's very simple to describe:

Being what he maybe is, it's possible that, if he was of some way, he couldn't be another way and, not being what he was or what he would be, what he would be he's not going to be. In counterpoint, however, to the superimposed inverse, regarding to what he would be or what hes going to be, it's resonable to supose that he already was.

Capturing - in the essence of the transposed plenitude - the phenotypcal form of the propeller exterior's endemic caracterization, he goes, every time that he has possibility, in pursuit of pseudo-personifications of a substance that is nonexistent or, perhaps, incompatible with the anthropomorphic modeling of the civilization that, in the eurocentrical point of view, is called "ocidental".

Above all of this, but concomitant with the particularization done in very recently ancient times and, spacely, exactly above what is done now, its almost exactly the opposite.

PS1: Sorry about my english
PS2: if you want to see pictures of my perfect being, or read this in portuguese, acces my orkut profile:

Professional details:

- Former student of Hector Valdez Jr's Drawing & Painting school
- Graduated in Graphic Design by the UNEB - Universidade do Estado da Bahia (Bahia's State University). Brasil - 2007.
- Post-graduating in Teaching Methodology for Higher Education, by ABEC - Associação Baiana de Educação e Cultura (Bahian Association of Education and Culture).

- Art Director & Design Team Manager of InWise Internet Company do Brasil S.A.
- Interface Designer - Creation Team of InWise
- Webdesigner - Freelancer
- Graphic Designer - Freelancer
- Illustrator & Concept Artist - Amateur


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